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What to do near Funtana

Basilica Eufrasiana
During the reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian, Porec reached its highest peak. This will become obvious to you once you see the Euphrasius' basilica, beyond doubt a breathtaking sight. It was built in the middle of the 6th century in the Byzantine style, and the mosaics on its front and interior are truly one of the most beautiful works of art in the world! The whole edifice has been included in the UNESCO's World Heritage list. Entering the basilica, you will feel the ghosts of past centuries and will be able to touch the eternity!

Horseback riding
Nature and adventure enthusiasts will enjoy riding and discovering the beauties of natural and historical monuments of this unique Mediterranean pearl. Horse centers and ranches, with their thoroughbred and noble animals, will make it possible for both beginners and experienced riders to explore and discover various trekking paths. Along with the horseback riding school and all other activities in the nature, you can indulge yourself with some of the finest gastronomic specialties Istria has to offer!  Find out more...

From north to south, from east to west coast of Istria, streched over 2600 kilometers in length there are over 60 biking and trekking paths, and a lot more for you to discover! Covering Istria like a big spider web, over 70% of them are mountain or forest paths and about 30% are paved. As our guest, you're welcome to use our bicycles and explore around Funtana on your own!